The best Strip Tease Club in Milan
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It was 1997, the same year in which the famous movie with the same name, starring Demi Moore was released, when a nightclub that would place its mark on Italian society opened its doors to the public in Milan: “STRIPTEASE”.
STRIPTEASE was the first Italian nightclub offering Lap Dance like in most famous American gentlemen’s clubs, forerunners of this new erotic and sensual style of dancing around a steel pole or at clients’ knees. Until that moment, the Italian erotic nightclub scene was static, limited to the classic club patterns, based primarily on drinks  served at the table by a preferred waitress. With Striptease, a new concept of erotic entertainment was born, a new style of interpreting eroticism with the sensual movements performed by girls dancing around a steel pole or a personal total striptease .

The founder of Striptease was an italian business man, who abandoned his work and businesses in order to dedicate his time and energies towards this new and exciting venture. The project stimulated him because of its high artistic potential and also for the possibility to change people toughts and a  moral  not conceiveing how business and communication principles could be applied to a sector that, until then, was associated with only disreputable or immoral people. The founder wanted to send this message:

“There is nothing more artistic than the body of a nude woman that, accompanied by music, is capable of transmitting through dance and eye contact deep and pleasurable sensations. We should not interpret eroticism in a maniacal manner as if it is a material fact, but rather just let the experience charm us on a subliminal level. By working on our subconscious in this way, it can be the perfect setting for moments where we forget the stresses of daily life”

Nothing vulgar therefore, but rather euphoria and excitement , camaraderie and artistic admiration. Following the pattern of Parisian cabarets and American gentlemen’s clubs that are even listed on the stock exchange, for the first time in Italy an erotic nightclub that had nothing to hide,  advertised on a national level like any other business. Slowly the Italian erotic nightclub scene is changing. Many other  italian clubs in the following years  joined this concept and the idea of immorality that was wrongly with them has been disappearing .

A larger number of people has been  understanding the true spirit of striptease, lap dance and table dance. Advertising female beauty is not a crime : didn’t the most famous painters do the same thing by painting nude females? Famous photographers as well as film directors and television writers have always appreciated the female nude as the advertising agencies for their mass communication campaigns.

The female body is  certainly a driving force in every sector, even in those in which it has no connection.  In this case,the female body  never loses its identity, even if the goal to attract the potential buyer is identical. In these nightclubs  women are protagonist and they awarenessly use their body for their artistic performance. However,  customers and club managers  have always to pay attention to the correct behaviours in order to  don't go over the limits towards vulgarity, from artistic to sexual. Striptease and its staff has been working tin order  to respect professional ethic codes, for the owners and for the public institutions.

We hope that you will now have clearer ideas about us and that you are finally ready... to enter into the world of Striptease.”:

“Leave every hope at the door, those who enter, because all your wildest emotions are found inside”

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